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We want our guests to experience something special during their stays with us, as great experiences create great memories.

Akyaka Beach

Akyaka beach is a beautiful blue flagged beach of Akyaka. One of the best places in Akyaka for swimming and sunbathing. Also being an urban beach, the Akyaka beach is golden sandy and shallow one that the shallowness goes for about 200 metres. The sea is always crystal clear. There are variety of lovely restaurants and cafes at the Akyaka beach front.


The Azmak River

Azmak River is an impressive river that looks like a natural aquarium and has protected wetlands where you may experience wild flamingos, ducks, turtles, dragonflies and kingfishers. The 2,5 km. long Azmak River has outstanding natural beauties. A must see place in Akyaka. You may spend a great day out along Azmak River by canoeing, kayaking or taking a riverboat trip along the river. It will be like you are in the Amazons. Boat trips along the Azmak River mostly take about 30 mins. and you may enjoy the natural beauties of the region. There are also variety of lovely restaurants along the river that you may enjoy your breakfast or have your dinner at the traditional fish restaurants set on the river and taste fresh fish of the region.

Windsurfing & Kitesurfing

The Gulf of Gokova along Akyaka, the Akcapinar beach, is one of the best kitesurfing destinations in the world. A paradise for kitesurfing lovers. You may experience and enjoy kitesurf or paddle surf in Akyaka. There is also a kitesurf school that you may take kiteboarding and kitesurfing lessons and learn this water activity faster and safer.

Cycling & Hiking

You may explore the beautiful landscape and natural beauties by cycling or hiking along the impressive tracks and trails of Akyaka from pristine, untouched and luscious forests to achieve breath-taking views of the pine-forested hills and mountains. The Sakartepe hill, located just behind Akyaka offers stunning views of Akyaka and Gulf of Gokova from about 900 metres altitude

Akyaka Forest Camping which is one of Turkey’s most popular camping areas is giving the impression of a corner of paradise of the stunning nature. It has a fascinating atmosphere in thousands of shades of green and blue. In the camping area located by the sea and in the heart of forest, there are wonderful bays that can be reached by footpaths where you can swim. There are tents, bungalow houses and caravan accomodation facilities inside the camping area. In addition, there are facilities such as restaurants, markets, bays, beach, electricity, water, refrigerator, tents, sports field, parking lot, playground.

Cleopatra Island & Cleopatra Beach, also known as Sedir Island (Cedrae), is located about 22 km. on the southwest of Akyaka and can be accessed from the Camli port.Cleopatra Island is famous with its golden sandy beach known as Cleopatra Beach and the ancient city of Cedrae ruins. There is an interesting beach on the small bay on the northwest of the island where it is believed that Cleopatra used to swim here. course.

One of the best activities is to go on a boat tour in Akyaka. If you would like to spend a good day out while staying in Akyaka, Akyaka Boat Trip is just what you need. Akyaka Boat Trip is a regular tour starts from Akyaka Beach at 10:30 and ends around 17:30. This amazing boat trip can be the best day out during your stay in Turkey. During this boat trip you will have the chance to explore the Gokova Bay a legendary place in Turkey, where you can see all different tones of blue and green. According to the itinerary you will swim stops at Lacivet Bay – (Deep Blue Bay), İnce Kum – (Fine Sand Bay), Fener Adası – (Lighthouse Island).

Gokova Path of Lovers

Old Muğla-Marmaris road in its section crossing the Plain of Gökova, homonymous with and located in the outlying waters of the Gulf of Gökova. Eucalyptus trees bordering the road were planted in 1936 to dry marshlands and help combat malaria.

Akbuk Beach

A cosy pick for a laid-back vibe, Akbuk is all about little beaches, shallow swells and tree-lined prettiness. The resort was originally a fishing village, and you can still see flickers of its past by the harbour. Indulge in gentle walks, shop for souvenirs and discover remnants of historic sites.


The Değirmen Inlet, which has the islands of Kara and Zeytinli at its entrance, is the largest cove of Gökova. It is 3 kilometers long and more than 800 meters in width. Within the cove there are some of the most popular locations for those taking the Blue Cruise, the British Port (Çanak Koyu), the Cove of Okluk where the Presidential Summerhouse is sited, and coves of Hırsız, Malderesi and Sazanlı.

Idyma Ancient City

One of the Carian cities, The Idyma Ancient City is located through Kozlukaya village of the Ula district of Muğla province. The acropolis (upper city) is approximately 300 meters in height and situated amongst ruins at Kozlukuyu. In 546 BC, the Persian armies conquered the Carian region but religion and customs did not change. The Delian League took over from 484 to 405 BC and Idyma is mentioned in a tax list dated 453 BC (the earliest written documentation of the city).The 200-meter long fortress was constructed during the Hellenistic era, has rooms, cisterns and walls made of stone. French researcher Louis Robert discovered this fortress in 1937 after noticing remnants of domestic life on top of an ancient Acropolis.

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